Chasin Investment Properties LP
Chasin Investment Properties LP (abbreviated CIP) is a real estate investment partnership focused on creating retirement solutions through Real Estate.
Our services include:
Property Management
Leasing Services
Single & Multi-Family Investment Listings & Sales
Equity Fund Partnership
CIP was founded to address investors necessity for income while matching their appetite for risk by utilizing our niche investment products.

You have a Financial Planner for your 401-K or IRA 
Is it time you have one for your Real Estate?
Investment Services
Fixed Income Debt Investments
Equity Creation Through In-fill Development
Property Management
Are You Unsure Of What To Do Next?
Should you invest in debt or equity? Our qualified Real Estate Wealth Advisors specialize in real estate investing, finance, law, insurance, and tax. We have helped clients analyze their current real estate holdings through portfolio reviews. We also offer consultative reviews of prospective investments through our proprietary forecasting modeling.

Our advisors are available to provide you with hourly consultations to point you in the right direction. Our purpose is to help you answer your most challenging real estate questions.
Legal Disclosures
Investing in Chasin Investment Properties LP involves a high degree of risk, including the possible complete loss of your investment. 
In addition to being an illiquid investment with an uncertain liquidity date, these investments may have other risks involving:
  • Uncertainties in the real estate development process, which may result in increased costs, delays.
  • ​Uncertain or changing market conditions relating to the future disposition of properties.
  • ​Possible unforeseen costs or liability associated with the properties.
  • ​Competitive pressures on selling price.
  • ​Possible conflicts of interest.
  • ​Possible requests for additional capital to maintain your ownership share.
  • ​Uncertainty regarding future taxes.
The past performance of any of Chasin Investment Properties Limited Partnerships is no guarantee of future results.
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  • ​Contact Chasin by phone : (714)709-3785
  • BRE# 01447886
  • NMLS# 1130391
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