Our Services
  • Leasing Services: we list, market, show, and screen your new tenant 
    Our Fees are 3% of First Years Rent
    $  3,000  Monthly Rent
    x       12  Months
    $36,000  First Year Rent
        x  3%  
    $  1,080  Leasing Fee paid to Chasin Investment Properties for locating your new tenant

    • Property Management: This is the ongoing management of tenant communication, repair coordination, and move-in, move-outs.
    Our Fees are 8% of monthly rent with a minimum of $150 per month.
    $3,000   Monthly Rent
    x     8%  
    $    240  Monthly Management Fee
    We collect a $500 maintenance reserve from our property owners to address minor repairs so that you do not have to be bothered with constant minor tenant requests. If there is a repair that exceeds $500 then we get landlord approval prior to authorizing the repair. We also collect tenant deposits and hold them in our trust account so that landlords do not have to.

    We DO NOT pay homeowners insurance, property taxes, or mortgages on behalf of property owners.
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    • Contact Chasin by Email : Chasin@ChasinRE.com
    • ​Contact Chasin by phone : (714)709-3785
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